A BOOK for SKILL Up-gradation towards Management and  Leadership Positions -" Todays Engineer and MBA to Tomorrows Future Leader"

What is the Need & Necessity of such BOOK - After completing 2 to 5 years, 5 to 9 years, even 10-15 years, 95% people start to Question themselves “Will I be doing Coding and Technical or Support Work all throughout my life”? Can someday- Each of us be a Future Leader in terms of getting into Consulting, Strategic or Functional roles or be a Practice Leader of a Company to make a difference? This BOOK will help you to address the Need and Necessity.

GAP in the Book Stores & Dream to be a Future Leader - Adding to that, the whole book market is crowded by all Technical Books like C, C++, Java, .NET etc. There is a Complete Shortage of any Blueprint Starter Guide or Real time Templatized book for moving to Functional, Consulting or Strategic roles. How to help Individual realize their Dreams and Ambitions - to do a Role Transition & move towards Transformational Roles in the Functional, Consulting or Strategic Positions ? This BOOK will address the GAP.This Book will enable to realize your Aspirations to be a Future Leader.

Benefits of the Book for all Engineers & MBA's including Graduates,Professors & Parents.
1. This book will Transform a Software Engineer to Business Analyst or Presales Consultant or Consulting role.
2. This book will Transform a Team Lead or Project Manager to Consulting and Engagement Manager Roles.
3. This book will bring Radical Change to drive Thought Leadership Initiatives & take on as Practice or CoE Leader.
4. This book will give Direction & Strategy for all Graduates both in Engineering & MBA to plan the career Roadmap in IT.
5. Will be used by all Educational Professors for spreading IT knowledge using the Techniques given in the Book. 
6. This book will be a Guidance for all Parents to understand the Opportunities in IT sector to take right decisions for their Children.

World-Wide  Published Pioneer Book

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