Thursday, 12 November 2015

Digital Impact in our Daily Life towards a 'Digital Society

Last week, while speaking to few of my relatives, a series of beautiful questions came out during our interaction revolving around Digital. They asked what's the entire hype around Digital - our PM keeps on talking every single day on TV programs around Digital India, followed by his ministers and then every government initiatives their is a mandate we need to be in Digital Platform from pension to healthcare to income tax - what is this all about? Also she asked me what's all this amazon, snapdeal and flipkart publishing big ads all about Digital? For a minute, I was pleasantly surprised how Digital Technologies  are changing our daily life's and was enlightened by their awareness how media is creating an impact by Digital means. I started by giving them a storyline with an example  As most of them were beyond 60- 70 years, wanted to get the dots connected, 30-40 years back when we did not had the word Technology forget Digital and now in 2015 when all world is gungo about Digital.
I started with....30 years back take Indian Railways (the lifeline for entire India); Every time, we need to book a ticket we need to go to Railway station, stand in queue, finally with all sweat and push may get a ticket. 10-15 years back we moved to a website - that's was the first journey towards Digital 1.0 and bringing in Digital e-commerce or Digital Portal in simple way in changing people life. There we can login and buy the ticket without any further going and standing in a queue. In last 2 years, India Railways moved one step forward launching Mobile app to book an cancel tickets and there is where we are talking on Mobility. The entire infrastructure initially was managed by their own and now they want to get it hosted and there is where Cloud will play a much big role. Now Indian Railways needs to move to Digital 2.0 where they can bring Analytics which will help them predict, visualize and handle the passenger's explosion and improve business operations towards better business decisions and outcomes. All these Portal to Cloud to Mobility to Analytics are all Digital paradigm shift where all Organizations/Companies needs to move in next 5-10 years and there is where Digital Transformation Programs are key to get the enabled for these companies be it Indian Railways to Income Tax website to State Bank of the World and other E-Governance Initiatives.
Also the second part of their question how the Flipkart, Snap deal and Amazon of the world are really leveraging Social Media Data and other larger Profile Information ( which combiningly we say Big Data) along with Data and Analytics to enable growth and change in business model both in terms to scale up, decision making and increasing operational efficiency to drive towards better business outcomes. Now Customer are able to book Orders in mobile or any other multichannel like the website - there is where Digital Enterprise Portal or Digital Mobility is again coming to play and if they are hosted on Cloud, now all 4 components named as Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud are leading the path of these Companies towards Digital movement which we call as Digital Transformations. Same also goes for all the Ola's, Meru's and Uber of the world. As we move to 21st India, all Government Initiatives will soon be using all 4 components of Digital and move beyond and help in transforming the life's of common people every single day!
All these are changing common man life's and this Digital Transformation is bringing a New Customer Experience where you can do anything and everything sitting across any part of the world be in Seattle/Zurich/Germany or India and same holds for companies where they can position their product and services on fingertips to Government Initiatives where Digital Technologies will lead towards a paperless society  -this the hype to now real actions from the PM to all Media channels to all Leaders are envisaging to move towards a Digitalized World where social media + mobile + cloud + analytics with rich customer experience will create a world class Digital Society!. ....Contd in next series.