Friday, 3 April 2015

Weekend Column - Purpose of Writing our First Book - The Big Picture!

The purpose of writing the Book - "Today's Engineer & MBA to Tomorrows Future Leader" is to tell millions of Young professionals and particularly to people who are not blessed or fortunate in all situations of life, that it is possible to make it in life, to be a Real Future Leader. This journey to get into Leadership activities is possible by right guidance, strategy along with clear direction and roadmap to make it to the Leadership zone. This book will bring back the optimism and positivity in your life by giving you the powerful Blueprint Starter guide along with techniques to dream and accomplish the achievements in life as a true sense Leader. But making big in life is not about material benefits and carving individual success, there is equal responsibility to channelize your energy and knowledge for the larger community at large.

This book in form of Starter guide would an enabler for each reader to realize their dreams and aspirations and take on the mantle to be a Future Leader and work to the larger goal towards Society of making a difference both at company & country level. This will create a spirit of Entrepreneurship among each reader for the benefit of all. The bottom-line is this book will facilitate the creation of 100 or 1000 more Future Leaders & Entrepreneurs in coming days in India & across the Globe. After all like financial wealth, knowledge wealth needs to get distributed for the benefit of the Society and mankind. Hope this Tangible Knowledge wealth in form of this Book will bring the passion in each of us towards “Be the Change”

Top 5 Steps to BUY the BOOKS in 3-5 DAYS or 30 -60 seconds on

Top 5 Steps to BUY the BOOKS in 3-5 DAYS or 30 -60 seconds on -

1. Click the above link or paste in IE - Click BUY NOW button
2. It will take you to Shopping cart Window
3. Post that, on the right hand side, Click the Check out Button
4. It will take you to the Payment Window and Enter your Billing and Address details if required
5. Click on Review Order and make the Payment either by Debit or Credit
Finally, you get the BOOK - either PRINT or E-BOOK or Mobile BOOK. If you still have a problem, please send a message across in FaceBook Page.

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For Fresher’s and New Joiners

     i.      The book will provide the Blueprint Starter guide with templates to ‘Transform a Software Engineer to Functional roles like Business Analyst and move towards Business Manager roles
   ii.      This book will very handy for all Management Trainee post their MBA to lead the ‘Presales group in blueprinting the whole presales lifecycle in an Innovative & Thought Leadership method than plain copy and paste of Presales document
 iii.      This book will transform a Technical person to move to pure Consulting roles and eventually move to Consulting Manager roles
For Laterals and Experienced People
 iv.      This book will facilitate you in ‘Transformation from normal Technical or Project Manager roles to Consulting roles to become a Principal Consultant or Business Architect’ for a given Customer
   v.      This book will be helpful for ‘Managers or higher management team to drive Thought Leadership Initiatives for their own practice and finally positioned them as Practice or CoE Leader
For all Graduates and Newcomers
 vi.      This book will be an eye-opener for all graduates both in engineering for all the non-technical & functional activities in IT industry overall
vii.      This will chart out the Roadmap and Direction where they want to head towards in IT industry post completion of the graduation
For Education Institutions–Professors, Employers & Parents
viii.      This book can be used by all Educational Professors and Teachers for spreading IT knowledge using Tool based blueprint techniques across all Engineering and Management colleges across the world
 ix.      This book can be used as Benchmark reference books in Library for Employees by all Employers or companies to work on Strategic, Functional and Business activities
   x.      This book will be guidance for all Parents to understand the Opportunities in IT sector for their children by gifting them this book which will help their children’s take the right decisions

At each chapter end, would request readers to reflect and draw their own analysis, and conclusions. Look around and read the signals to climb the ladder in this IT world. Who knows, you may be the next Future Leader!

our Books -Top 3 reviews for Experienced/Laterals to Leadership roles - "4 Evergreen Career Roadmap in CONSULTING"

1)Re: 4 Evergreen Career Roadmap in CONSULTING by PritiPandaBook is really evergreen for Consulting Career people.
I am a Manager in a IT Company in and bought the book recently. I want to move in to Consulting and this book will help me to achieve my dream to be a Consulting Leader. Buy the book.Thanks.

2)Re: 4 Evergreen Career Roadmap in CONSULTING by LipsamathurVery good book for a career in consulting..
I am a Manager and recently bought this book ,useful book for finding and deciding a career opportunities in Consulting.I suggest to buy the Book.thanks.

3)Re: 4 Evergreen Career Roadmap in CONSULTING by TamannaSinghThis book is a Very Very Essential in Consulting. This Book will Transform the lives of millions of professionals from the stereotypes Technical roles to high profile Consulting and Management roles.Recently I have bought the book.Recommend to buy the book.Thanks.