Monday, 16 February 2015

Opportunity checklist for Leads and Middle Managers to move up Career ladder by our Pioneer BOOKs

On a larger note have coined the term as i-CDPS concept -i-CDPS Skillsets is the answer to this Challenge - Time for all Senior professionals to Re-skill themselves in i-CDPS concept - (Innovation + Consulting + Domain + Presales + Strategy) flavor beyond just Technical or project skills.

This is an opportunity checklist for all readers to know where they stand now and where they want to go in next 5, 10, 15 & 20 years. Mentioned below are few career opportunities which will help you to make a better decision to buy this book and make it useful for their lifetime. Hope ‘Today’s Engineer & MBA to Tomorrow’s Future Leader’ Blueprint Starter guide in form of a book will empower and enable all readers to accomplish their dream to next generation Future Leaders from the earlier Engineering or Graduation degrees. This book will also be a source of inspiration from “See the Change” to “Be the Change” and give back to the Society in form of Knowledge and Entrepreneurial skills.
  1. Opportunity to move from engineering line to Domain & Management line to get into more Functional and Strategic Roles.
  2. Opportunity to start a career in Consulting space spanning across Verticals & Horizontals to be a Principal Consultant and over a period of time move into Client Engagement roles.
  3. Opportunity to start as a Business Analyst and move towards Business manager or Business Architect roles
  4. Opportunity to grow in the journey of Presales Consulting or Bid Management in winning new & existing projects
  5. Opportunity in leading a Center of Excellence (CoE) for a Practice or Vertical to be a Practice Leader & finally Delivery Leader
  6. A Career path as an Business Specialist or Domain Specialist independent of any Technology or products in the market
  7. Opportunity to move from project manager line which involved Transactional activities to Leader or Head who is involved in Transformational activities and bringing radical changes.
  8. In next 20-25 years moving from Project Management line to Leadership roles as Practice Leaders and Vice-President.
  9. Opportunity to be a CoE Leader and carry out the Thought Leadership, Innovation with Disruption in an Organization.
  10. Channelize the learning & knowledge of each reader to work at Society level activities to make a difference for the country or state.
With all these opportunities outlined will enable each Reader to dream and motivate to be a True Real Leader. ‘Today’s Engineer & MBA to Tomorrow’s Future Leader’ book - will provide the Starter guide & Roadmap to help the readers accomplish these opportunities. It will finally arouse the burning desire of finally taking on the reins of Entrepreneurship. Few of our Books are mentioned below.

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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

As we start our Journey in 2015 - Don’t let the shadows of yesterday spoil the sunshine of tomorrow. Help fulfill someone's Dream and your Dream shall be fulfilled too by the Lord!

Today career and personal details require us to more focus on the Job and somewhere in due course we loose the plot to move from "Be the Change to See the Change sitting in our drawing room and watching out ordinary people doing extraordinary Activities to influence people lives".
Each of us are born unique and own the responsibility to be a part of any change may be at Corporate level, State level, Country level, or even at NGO level. From childhood we are told to be Ambitious and be Leaders but as life moves on and once we get settled down getting married we give up all the dreams of making an Impact at a society level.
Slowly and Steadily we accept the system as it goes & start blaming & cribing about the system and forget somewhere each of us has also been gifted an opportunity to create a platform to do meaningful work to leave a Legacy behind us for people to remember us.
I was once told there are 3 kinds of people
1. Who make things happen
2. Who watch things happen
3. Who wonder "What happened?"
At every level of society, I believe people will fall into one of these three categories. It is up to us to decide who we become among our family and colleagues. Do we make a difference in the lives of those closest to us, and do we lead by example among them? What are your Thoughts on this ?
PS: Few of the Initiatives on larger development of Society
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