Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Would You like to Be the Change or See the Change ?

Today career and personal details require us to more focus on the Job and somewhere in due course we loose the plot to move from "Be the Change to See the Change sitting in our drawing room and watching out ordinary people doing extraordinary Activities to influence people lives".

Each of us are born unique and own the responsibility to be a part of any change may be at Corporate level, State level, Country level, or even at NGO level. From childhood we are told to be Ambitious and be Leaders but as life moves on and once we get settled down getting married we give up all the dreams of making an Impact at a society level.

Slowly and Steadily we accept the system as it goes & start blaming & cribing about the system and forget somewhere each of us has also been gifted an opportunity to create a platform to do meaningful work to leave a Legacy behind us for people to remember us.

I was once told there are 3 kinds of people
1. Who make things happen
2. Who watch things happen
3. Who wonder "What happened?"

At every level of society, I believe people will fall into one of these three categories. It is up to us to decide who we become among our family and colleagues. Do we make a difference in the lives of those closest to us, and do we lead by example among them? What are your Thoughts on this ?

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