Friday, 1 August 2014

Thought, Idea and Commitment of writing the Book - 'Today's Engineer and MBA to Tomorrow’s Future Leader'

Post completion of MBA degree, I was asked to execute a big consulting assignments both as a Business Consultant; Product Specialist and there was little guidance or support how to go about doing such roles. I struggled very badly, worked day in and day out, to understand the business and IT models, business processes and build the documents to carry out the activity lists. The situation again started to haunt me when in an international assignment was supposed to carry out the discovery and business analysis and again I was struggling to put the dots together to do all such activities. Each time I was reminded the need & urgency of having such handy book which could have been a Starter guide for carrying out the Strategic and Functional roles with much more ease. Time became the biggest constraint with multiple responsibilities coming from the first two duties of my life. But irrespective of that, I had the passion and commitment to pursue my third duty of my life to provide this Blueprint Starter guide in form of book. It took me close to three years to write this book and penned down my school of thoughts. 
This finally took shape with the name as 'Today's Engineer and MBA to Tomorrow’s Future Leader'. Hopefully, this book in form of a Blueprint Starter guide will provide with you all tools and techniques to attain & complete all critical activities in Management and Leadership roles with ease and speed. This book will accomplish the dreams & aspirations of millions of professionals to Transform themselves from Software engineer to Business analyst or from a Team lead or Project management roles to Principal consultant or Consulting Engagement roles or even Practice and Presales Leader roles eventually over a period of time. I have written with my real time experiences and any form of incompleteness in this book will be filled by the readers.
Writing a book is sometimes like molding the words to build a statue or a sculpture. As I proceeded, the sculpture that emerged in form of the final book was different from what was in my mind when I started writing the book. Even while trying your best to design a statue or sculpture, as it emerges, you do not quite know what the final form will look like – the sculptor experiences moments of profound passion, sacrifice and commitment till the final figure is made, same was my book which needed lot of passion, sacrifice and commitment from my side. 
Yes, I have a dream though, in publication of the Book. Five or Ten years from now, somewhere a person will say, his or her leadership journey was helped in some small way by reading this book and I feel that’s the greatest tribute to an author whose knowledge could work for the development of Society goals. Hopefully this book in a small way will provide the platform to finally create a spirit of Entrepreneurship among each person to do a difference at large towards their third duty of life.
Like Wealth needs to get distributed for the inclusiveness in Society, same way Knowledge is bigger intangible wealth which needs to get circulated for the overall growth of Society. Through this book, I have tried to convert my real time Experiences and Knowledge into a Tangible wealth for the development of Society. This was part of my larger dream while writing this book. Wish this book will facilitate the creation of 100 or 1000 more Future Leaders and Entrepreneurs in coming days in India and across the Globe. 


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