Thursday, 17 July 2014

By this Blog millions of professionals Life's are Transforming - DREAM, Switch and DESTINY

Two words are common in every people Life's called as Dream and Destiny. There are many fortunate people like you and me who are blessed to achieve their Dreams and chart their own path towards Destiny. But equally there are many unfortunate or less-blessed people who lack the mentorship to really turn their Dreams to Destiny. As I move closer on the journey of completion of first decade/10 years in the Industry, would continue to be an Enabler, to Guide all these People who Aspire waiting to see their Dreams turn into Destiny.

In last 25 years, Companies have been creating wealth of jobs for students across sectors and more importantly for the Sunrise sector called as Information Technology Industries. Millions of Graduates passing from Engineering and other degree Colleges during their initial years start getting into Technical, Coding, Testing or Support & Maintenance roles in the IT companies. Even students post completion of the MBA degree continues in their Trainee or Sales or Marketing roles which are not clearly defined. Each of them continues doing such roles for next 5, 10, 15 or 25 years. They are unable to chart out a Roadmap how to move beyond the Technical line to pure Consulting, Presales, Functional, Strategic and Leadership roles with Domains and Technology agnostic approach.

Our BOOK's released in last 2 years have been Transforming the lives of millions of professionals from the stereotypes Technical roles to high profile Consulting and Management roles and finally towards the Leadership positions. These BOOK's have provided the platform for millions of Engineers, MBA's, Graduates and regular Students to move into Consulting, Presales, Functional, or Strategic and Leadership roles in their Career-Life in next 3-5-10 years. These BOOK's have brought back the optimism and positivity in Life's of many people by giving them powerful Techniques to Change and Switch from the normal mechanical roles and rewrite your Destiny to play Larger roles in days ahead. I have written with my real time experiences and any form of incompleteness in this book will be filled by the readers by their Innovativeness.