Monday, 9 June 2014

Our THIRD Premium BOOK"4 Evergreen Career Roadmap in CONSULTING" will be Released soon

20+ days towards launch of the BOOK - "Vision to fulfill Dreams and Ambitions of Young World" - "4 Evergreen Career Roadmap in CONSULTING" Book is a small Gift from the Author to guide all the People to accomplish their dream to get into Pure Consulting beyond just Technology & Marketing roles.

This guide will be based on Practical and Proven Techniques from Basics to Essentials in Consulting. This Book will Transform the lives of millions of professionals from the stereotypes Technical roles to high profile Consulting and Management roles and finally towards the Leadership positions.

This special book will make your career Recession proof with almost zero impact of any slowdown and start the journey of a Rewarding career in coming days - Books Transforming The Life's of People

"Vision to fulfill Dreams and Ambitions of Young World" - Writing a book is sometimes like molding the words to build a statue or a sculpture. As I proceeded, the sculpture that emerged in form of the final book was different from what was in my mind when I started writing the Books.
Even while trying your best to design a statue or sculpture, as it emerges, you do not quite know what the final form will look like – the sculptor experiences moments of profound passion, sacrifice and commitment till the final figure is made, same was my book which needed lot of passion, sacrifice and commitment from my side.

"Our THIRD Premium BOOK will be Released soon". Be a part of the Journey