Thursday, 19 June 2014

A Paradigm Shift - Transformation from Old to New Quotients to be a true Human Leader

We have been hearing from last 20 years Intelligence Quotient, Emotional Quotient, Leadership Quotient and lately Spiritual Quotient which is catching the imagination of the world. All these Quotients have been extensively talked, debated and spoken in greater wavelength across the world. In the last 10 years of my experience of working Information Technology Industry with both Indian MNCs and Global MNCs, I have realized it is more than these 3-4 quotients which decide the Destiny of a person as he gradually matures from a Young Professional to a Lateral to finally a true Real Leader. I would say it would be the 3 new Quotients which can be extension to existing one or define the new parameters to decide the defining moment in One’s Life and Livelihood.
A true real leader is not always born by birth or Silver Spoon on the mouth. It is more often a true Leader is born by Experiences, Adversity and dealing with difficult circumstances and situations of life. Lot of times people are caught in a catch 22 situation to take a decision for the benefit of the mankind or at the big picture irrespective of things which are not in his control. At those difficult times a normal person gets transformed to a True Leader where he walks the extra mile to fulfill his obligations and commitments in both Professional and Personal Life. These resulted in shaping my ideas for 3 new Quotients called as Experience Quotient, Adversity Quotient and YGM Quotient. You may be wondering what the final Quotient to do with Human life is and there is where all the answer lies to resolve all the uncertainty and perplexity and make a good human being.
1. EXPERIENCE QUOTIENT - Experience is the biggest teacher beyond just plain Education. Even a world class degree has no value in front true real experience of a person which is earned striving through all good and bad times and still coming out with Flying colors. Education only helps at the Entry point, post that it's your Experience which makes you a marathon runner than just short 100 m or 200 m sprints. 10 years back I started to work with a Services organization. My initial days were a client –vendor model from where I moved to multi-vendor business model. This was great learning experience as there was multiple stakeholders’ expectations management beyond just customer’s orientation. I then moved to work with a Product-Services model and got an opportunity to travel to Australia and directly work with Client Interfacing roles. After working in the Industry from close to 4 years I decided to go for a Global MBA in partnership with Nasscom to have a complete knowledge of Business, Domains, Finance and Sales along with get leadership exposures in both APAC and European Union. This was due to degree was awarded from both colleges in European Union and India. This gave me impetus to take up the Business Analyst role for completion of my MBA degree working directly with African and APC geography Banking Customer and Telecom Customer for a year’s time. Post return to India, I took up a role to manage a Center of Excellence and create new Revenue streams across horizontals and verticals. I played the role successfully for more than close to 4 years and moved to Client Partnership business model in my new Organization. It is like handling multiple Accounts from Advisory, Consulting and Delivery along with Practice Leader roles in building new Solution and Service offerings and brings in Thought Leadership culture in my organization. As I move forward to work with new Domains beyond just Banking and Telecom into Retail/CPG and Healthcare in uncharted territory or new geographies, bottom-line, I am willing to move beyond my Comfort zone. I am now becoming more Product agnostic, Domain agnostic and Geos agnostic. This is a mandatory skill which all Sr. level executives require to be Tomorrow’s Leader. So holistic Experience Quotient becomes critical to understand the Business metrics, Process metrics and Technology metrics and Be the Change!
2. ADVERSITY QUOTIENT – I have heard from childhood every Adversity can be turned to an Opportunity by your sheer determination and perseverance. 10 years back, in 2004 I could not get Campus placement among batch of 200+ odds despite my winning strides in clearing the written exams in multiple companies with ease; I was still short of getting offer letter. In June 2004, I decided to board the train from a Tier 2 city Odisha to a Tier 1 city of India in search of my first Elusive Job to Bangalore - The Silicon Valley of India. It was a Catch 22 situation in my life as I had an offer letter to be a Jr. Professor of my passed out college, but still I was willing to take a Risk to board the train to Bangalore which was full of uncertainty as there was no guarantee of anything. I promised my Parents that within 3 months till Sept 2004, if I could not get any Job will come back and take up the role to be a faculty member in the college all my life. That was a defining and turning point of my life, as I lacked Experience but yes had full Intuition of my next move. Sometimes adversity becomes an opportunity if are you are willing to take these calculated risk. My initial months went in figuring out a clear Strategy what would take me to compete with whole of India in Bangalore – when I was not able to clear 200+ odds people. Yes there was some shortfalls initially, but then the first 2 months made me teach the lesson of Adversity and taking all in stride, without getting distracted for the larger Goal to get my First Job in remaining 1 month. In the month of Aug 2004, there was a Written – Interview call happening from one of the best brands in IT MNCs and again the crowd was swelling to a figure not less than 25000 in all 3 days ( a 100+ times more than what I faced earlier). I cleared this time with a thumping win and in a week’s time by Aug 13’ 2004 had the offer letter in my mail-box. Finally I went to join the organization in Sept 2004 and rest is history. There had been a series of many other Adversities which I encountered and each became learning and inspiring lesson for me. The bottom-line is people who have crossed obstacles in their life and converted them to Milestones – they survive in each decade despite all environmental or economic pressure points. These few leaders went on to build one of greatest quality called as Resilience – which I will talk in next series.
3. YOGA-GITA-Meditation(YGM- QUOTIENT) – In my initial days of my job life in 2005, I worked with many NGOs on weekend regularly to go different parts of Bangalore and distribute all the basic things for the poor little chaps who could not be fortunate and blessed like you or me. In 2009, I was in Africa when on weekends my colleagues will go for Iskon Temple rituals and I also used to accompany them twice, but I still felt the gap to do something bigger for changing the mankind in whatever means I can. As I came back to India realized helping the mankind is the biggest tribute to God than just plain visit to Temples, even same has been told in Gita and by great Swami Vivekananda. I slowly and steadily started to get involved in all activities on weekends apart from starting to write Books which could help people who could not get all degrees either due to Financial problems or who were bit directionless in their life’s. In Oct 2013, a tragedy happened in our life and we lost the most precious person who united me and my wife. In these difficult times, all people were looking for answer which I could not find in a better book other than GITA. That brought me close to GITA and I realized the importance of Karma Yogi without any desires to be in Peace and tranquility with the Society. GITA Book brought me in a transformation to stride all the challenges as part of duty in life. The Peace within brought me close to Meditation and once you are in peace, you can provide direction and Roadmap to people. The bottom-line is every person should learn the art and science of Meditation in their daily life’s to grow as a complete peaceful and helpful personality. They should also learn the facts of Gita and use in their daily lives to cross all obstacles without losing focus on Goals. Also last but not the least is the importance of Yoga in our regular life. Yoga is the single USP which differentiates India from rest of the world. Yoga exercise in the morning will prevent you from all Diseases, make your immunization strong and give you inputs to deals with stress like situations. These three jewels of India origin- Yoga, Meditation and Gita would be biggest Gifts from a Parent to a child where the child in absence of the Parents still can survive in the competitive world with all grace and dignity.
– will be continued in next series.