Saturday, 28 June 2014

1 day to go - Release of our BOOK - "4 Evergreen Career Roadmap in Consulting" - "Vision to fulfill Dreams and Ambitions of Young World"

Last 24 hours to go - As we march towards 2020, we need to build our Expertise & Capabilities based on the need of time and Demand-Supply equation. Suddenly there is lot of pent up demand from the Ever-Green areas of Consulting in terms of Business Consulting, Product Consulting & IT Consulting. But then there is no clear guide or Roadmap how can we learn, enable ourselves and accomplish these roles.

For any new person who has the Dream and Aspiration to get into those roles there is no practical guide or Book available in the market. For experienced people they look for guidance as they are unable to chart out a Roadmap how to move beyond the Technical or Marketing line on a holistic note. The good part is now this will remain no more a challenge

This BOOK will be launched Virtually across the WORLD through POTHI Channel Partners on June 29 on eve of World Famous Rath Yatra or Car Festival - Be a part of the Journey of Transformation - Books Transforming The Life's of People -