Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Thought of Writing the BOOK - "Todays Engineer and MBA to Tomorrows Future Leader" - Be the Change You want to See

As, I started my IT work life, with Accenture, post completion of my Engineering, I always felt that I have three duties in my Life's Journey and the need and necessity for giving time for each of them. One  was towards my family and well-wishers, the second one towards my work-life and finally the important one is towards Society or state or towards my country. I say the third duty as important because we are few chosen blessed and fortunate people with such extensive knowledge which we have learnt from different quarters, vast experiences among rest, so it’s our each of duty to give back and do your bit for Society in some form or other to create an equal society for future generations. 
I was always eager to give my learning’s and knowledge for all the people who don’t have the clear mentor-ship and guidance in their early part of their career life to be Future Leaders and lack the direction and focus to have a clear Roadmap and Strategy to move ahead beyond their daily work life. As I continued spending more time with IT companies in first initial years in doing technical activities and part of techno-functional activities, slowly I could feel there are lot of gaps and lack of empowerment how to move from a technical roles to real functional, consulting, strategic and leadership roles until you are from top notch B-schools or have 15-20 years of experience having some skills which is rare in the market. Even changing a job to Oracle in 2006 was all the same story even though managed to get trained in new technical skill-sets. It was like changing one goal post to other but you remain the goalkeeper even though the whole context and roles remain the same.
My first reaction to look around what was available to do the Transformation in me to change from Software Engineer to more prolific Management roles. I decided to look in all bookstores how I move from a technical roles to more domain based roles or strategic based roles and I was still not getting any answer. I was quite surprised to see that not much practical and real-time material or blueprint Templatized guide available on the bookshelves in a Single book. You have the normal & mixed management textbooks and whole bunch of self books to be a Future Leader. Then there is enormous body of literature written in different formats but no standardized and single consolidated book with blueprint guidance with tools and templates how to perform each such activity like the Consulting, Functional, the Business and Strategic roles. Very little was narrated on all these specific areas and that made me feel, this book is much needed
As, I could clearly see the gap in the bookstores there was not a Single Book which can help any reader across the world to really know the nuts and bolts of IT industry from consulting, functional, strategic and leadership levels, I decided to take the plunge to do a full time MBA. Even though I had some financial obligations and commitments there was no other way to follow my passion to make a difference and then I would fail in my third duty of life of giving back to Society and making a difference. I promised myself post completion of my degree, will find some time to write this book. This Single book which will cover up all the above non technical skill-sets to be a Future Leader and be a decision maker and influencer which will arouse the feeling of Entrepreneurship among each of us to make a difference at large for all the unfortunate people who could not become like you and me. This became a passion post my MBA completion in 2009, when the thought of the book again was born.
Again completion of my post graduate degree, I was supposed to execute a big consulting assignments either as a Business Architect or Business Consultant and there was no guidance whatsoever how to go about to do that. I struggled, started all from scratch & build the same. The situation was bit more difficult during an international assignment post MBA was supposed to do the Discovery and Business Analysis and again was struggling to put the dots together to do all such activities. Each time I was reminded the need and necessity of having such Handy BOOK. Time became the biggest constraint with multiple responsibilities coming from the first two duties, but then I always had the passion, responsibility and commitment to pursue my third duty of my life. It took me two to three years to write the book and penned down my thoughts on 'Today's Engineer and MBA to Tomorrow’s Future Leader'. 
As I passed MBA in one of the difficult phase of last decade called as Recession, there was total state of cynicism and skepticism all the place. I was always encouragingly optimistic and sanguine that, this is a temporary phase and this too shall pass, the main point we should not lose our focus, passion and hunger for larger cause of Society. Finally came with the Pioneer BOOK - 'Today's Engineer and MBA to Tomorrow’s Future Leader'.This BOOK will bring back the optimism and positivism in your life by giving you the blueprint guide, tools and techniques to achieve all unfinished dreams and achievements in life towards Leadership positions. The dreams and aspirations of each professionals and youngsters to transform themselves from software engineer to business analyst or team lead to principal consultant or from the normal technical roles to more functional roles or presales roles will be possible by 'Today's Engineer and MBA to Tomorrow’s Future Leader'. I have written with my real time experiences and any form of incompleteness will be filled by the readers of this book.
Yes, I have the dream though in publication of the Book. This book will help millions and millions of engineers, management people and graduates realize their dreams and ambitions to be the next generation Future Leaders. Five or Ten years from now, somewhere a person will say, his or her leadership journey was helped in some small way by reading this book. Hopefully this book in a small way will provide the platform to finally create a spirit of Entrepreneurship among each person having a total single view of all work activities.
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