Saturday, 21 September 2013

with the Change in the Hiring MODEL - Fresher's or Laterals - ready to TRANSFORM themselves beyond just plain Technical, Coding, Testing or Support activities?

Today Company wants more revenue from its own intellectual property instead of providing only labour-intensive, lower-margin information technology and back-office services."Today the value of a professional is judged by how quickly you're learning, how quickly you're adapting yourself and changing along with the environment," 
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Today 95% people start to question themselves will I be doing Coding and Technical work or support all throughout my life till retirement? Adding to that, the whole book market is crowded by all Technical Books. There is a complete shortage of any Blueprint Starter guide or Real time Templatized book for moving to Functional, Consulting or Strategic roles.Are we READY for a CHANGE ?

How to help Individual realize their Dreams and Ambitions - to do a Role Transition & move towards Transformational Roles in the Functional, Consulting or Strategic Positions ?-A BOOK to help you meet the GAPs - visit our official page -