Monday, 2 September 2013

Top 6 Reviews of Print Book "99 KITCHEN DELIGHT" on Pothi 

1)Re: 99 KITCHEN DELIGHT by KailashKumar
I bought the book recently and I cooked few refreshment dishes and the dishes were really refreshing. I am very happy by having this cook book. Thanks.

2)Re: 99 KITCHEN DELIGHT by DipankarGupta

This book is a nice collection of tasty and delicious recipes.I am a working in a MNC in Gurgaon and recently purchased the book.I also cooked 4 dishes from weekend dishes for a small party and all praised a lot by eating the recipes.Thanks.

3)Re: 99 KITCHEN DELIGHT by vasug

I have purchased the book last month.I have cooked many dishes from this book and enjoying the joy of many tasty dishes.I am recommending to buy the cook book and enjoying the feeling of tasty recipes which are inside this book.

4)Re: 99 KITCHEN DELIGHT by SudhansuMansingh

Very Helping Cook Book.. I purchased this book last month and this book is helping me a lot in kitchen,I prepared few refreshment dishes and the dishes were tasty.I like the book blog also. Thanks.

5)Re: 99 KITCHEN DELIGHT by AprameetPanda

This book is fantastic.Recently purchased the book.I have cooked 5 dishes from weekend and 3 from breakfast and all the dishes were superb.Buy the book and cook the recipes and enjoy.

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