Saturday, 14 September 2013

Prologue 2 - What made me write the BOOK - "Todays Engineer and MBA to Tomorrows Future Leader"

Many of them who don’t get onsite opportunity start enrolling for some Part time programs in MBA or certifications to do value additions. They dream of getting a Business Analyst role or Presales Consultant as a starter in small companies by these small value additions. Even if some of them succeed in small form, they again find difficulty to stretch their career beyond a point. They live in the false impression as time pass by, this would enable them towards the Leadership roles. But not many have the risk taking ability to take the plunge to do a full time MBA. Even if, few of them get into Management Trainee roles, they lack the holistic way of connecting the dots which would bring the understanding of the end to end flow of IT Business model both at Strategic and Tactical level. There is also another section of crowd who don’t show much desire towards onsite and always willing to take the risk to do something in life, but then due to family commitments and obligations, they are unable to go ahead to accomplish their dreams and aspirations. And what happens they finally give up, continue doing the same mechanical activity day in and day out and wait for some onsite opportunity to happen. They start thinking this would give them the financial advantage, but unfortunately they get in an onsite trap cycle and never being able to pursue their dreams and aspirations.
Adding to that, the whole book market is crowded by all Technical books of the likes of C, C++, Java, .Net, Oracle or Microsoft or other Technical field books. There is a complete shortage of any Blueprint Starter guide for Functional, Consulting or Strategic roles. A book which can show the Roadmap towards accomplishing the dream to do a role transition & move towards Transformational roles. Yes you may find lot of Theoretical book but not any Practical guide or book with clear process flow and templates to accomplish the pure Functional, Strategic or Leadership roles in IT world. In short, there is an immediate need of a Single consolidated Templatized Blueprint book with a step by step approach how to do each Transformational activity. These activities range from Thought Leadership for running a Practice or Center of Excellence (CoE) or Pure Consulting roles in charting out the Business Consulting and Road-mapping for a Customer with a domain or product agnostic approach. These activities also extend towards driving Presales Consulting or Bid Management in winning new businesses or Client facing roles in form of Business Analyst or Lead Consultant or even Delivery Engagement involving Strategic, Consulting and Functional roles.

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