Thursday, 8 August 2013

RECIPE FOR Refreshment



100ml of refined or olive oil & 250gm of pasta10gm of black pepper powder & 10gm of  chili powder 
10gm of garam masala & 20gm of tomato sauce & salt
1 bunch of coriander leaves & 200gm of  onion
100gm of green capsicum & 50gm of tomato
20gm of ginger & 20gm of garlic & 10gm of green chili


First chop 1 medium size onion ,2 medium size tomato & 2 green chili in to  small pieces 
Wash and cut 1 big size green capsicum in to triangle shape of 2 inch & keep in a bowl
Blend 3 inch of cutted ginger,4 garlic cloves with little water & make a fine thick paste & keep in a bowl
Take a pan & pour 8 cup of water &leave to boil, add the pasta & ½ tea spoon of salt & boil the pasta for 3-4 min, drain the excess water, keep in a bowl
Take a pan & pour 3 table spoon of oil &add chopped onion and green chili & fry till light pink colour
Add 2 tea spoon of ginger garlic paste & fry for 2 min, add chopped tomatoes ,green capsicum & fry for 2 min 
Then add boiled pasta,1 tea spoon of black pepper powder,1/3 tea spoon of garam masala, salt and mix well, fry for 1-2 min, add 1 table spoon of tomato sauce and mix well, switch off the flame
 Garnish with finely chopped coriander leaves and serve