Sunday, 28 April 2013

Opportunity to be A Principal Consultant or Engagement Manager

Chapter 03 - Opportunity to be A Principal Consultant or Engagement Manager
Engagement Manager or the Principal Consultant is one of the most premier career positions offered to professionals who have both the business and technology agnostic mindset in handling the Customers. The consultant should have the fluency to take up any domain spanning from Banking to Telecom to Retail or Healthcare and even Travel industry and at the same time being Technology agnostic across any vendors or products. Mentioned below are the Skill sets for a Business Architecture for Consulting Projects
ü Designing - IT Architecture and Roadmap Consulting end to end for business process re-engineering or business process management engagements across Verticals
ü Demonstrates ability to oversee multiple analytic efforts, hands off, quality checks concurrently with Teams
ü Strong Exp. in diverse industries - Banking & Financial, Travel & Hospitality, Telecom, Retail & Healthcare, strong Consulting, Negotiation, Relationship building and Client management skills
ü Thought Leader & Ideate Radical Initiatives– Impact Consulting and New areas in form of Accelerators & Frameworks
ü Advised Client’s senior management regarding further improvements in the processes and proposed future roadmap thereby leading to  increased business opportunities
In this chapter we will manifest the Blueprint Starter guide along with Templatized step by step guidelines for a Engagement Manager or Principal Consultant to perform the whole Consulting engagement and Road-mapping IT solution. This Starter guide will be the stepping stone for an excellent opportunity to being a Principal Consultant at the start & move on towards Engagement Manager Roles.