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5.3 Blueprint Starter guide for Presales & Bid Management
This section highlights the step by step Blueprint Starter guide procedure and guidelines of the Presales and Bid Management. This is followed by the Templatized steps of this blueprint guide activity list in details with the process flow and templates of the Presales Consulting of response of the Proposal, Commercials and Defense presentation. Mentioned below is the Starter guide how to go about doing the Presales & Bid Management
a)      Companies or Service Provider Overview
This is all about the company details which includes its strategic information, financial information, highlights in a given year in terms of growth and profitability
b)      Program or Project Scope
Project scope understanding is very necessary to appreciate the client requirements, comprehend their business process and scoping part.
                            i.            Understanding of the customer requirements
                          ii.            Business Processes and Functionality in Scope
                         iii.            Miscellaneous Scope Statement
c)       Solution Overview and Technical Architecture
Solution overview is based on the customer requirements and overall understanding of the business process flow. It should be followed by a Solution approach which is change based on the IT products and tools selected and formally design a Solution Strategy to implement the same.
                            i.            Overall Technical solution & Enterprise Architecture
                          ii.            Solution Approach or the Framework
                         iii.            Solution Strategy specific for the Customer
d)      One Single Estimation View – Program or Project Plan
One single estimation view template for a given program or project shows the big picture of the engagement and gives the flexibility to use cross-skilled resources across project streams. The resource can belong to different practice group or vertical group but still cross-utilized for multiple works for the same project based on the estimation. Mentioned below are the few areas we will touch base in this section.
                            i.            Overall Estimation of the Program
                          ii.            Calculation of the Commercials & Pricing
                         iii.            Sample template Assumptions and Dependencies
                        iv.            Staffing with Roles and Responsibilities
e)      Project Governance
Project Governance discusses about all the critical steps required for setting the foundation structure for project management. It also articulates the risk and how to mitigate those risks. Also this section will provide the organization chart and escalation mechanism to have a holistic governance approach
                            i.            Program Team Structure
                          ii.            Overall Project Management
                         iii.            Roles and Responsibility
                        iv.            Risk and Mitigation
                          v.            Key members and Experience
                        vi.            Project Organization Chart
                       vii.            Escalation Process & SLA Matrix
f)       Cost and Assumptions
Pricing is one of the key dimensions in preparing a competitive bid for the presales proposal document. Also all assumptions and dependencies should be factored in while preparing the costing sheet.
                            i.            Review of Assumptions in preparing Bid costs
                          ii.            Cost review of the project
                         iii.            Alternative, in particular Cost Saving Proposals
                        iv.            Extra day rates review
                          v.            Primary List of Contact
g)      Real Time Experience & Case studies
This section highlights all the case studies specific to other business units of the same clients or related to its domains. Sometimes case studies specific to Geographics and continents also adds lot of value additions.
                            i.            Case studies Template
                          ii.            Reference Projects and same Customer References if any
h)      Templatized Roadmap for Defense Capability Document
Presales Defense presentation for the Delivery & Implementation project is the final frontier in terms of kick start the Delivery Engagement with the Customer. Mentioned below are the key areas to be taken up to make an impact in front of the customer. The only differentiators would be the Thought Leadership section which will help them to clinch the deal apart from commercials.
                            i.            Introduction of the Company
                          ii.            Program Management overview
                         iii.            Proposed Delivery model
                        iv.            Value propositions or Value Adds
                          v.            Thought Leadership - Tools & Accelerators, Whitepapers
                        vi.            Case Studies Sample Engagements
                       vii.            Commercials Breakdown
                     viii.            Proposed Team and Engagement structure
5.4 Templatized Blueprint guide for the Consulting Projects
This section discusses in detail Templatized steps of the above Blueprint Guide activity list in details along with the process flow and templates of the Presales Consulting of response of the Proposal, Commercials and Defense presentation. …End of the Sample BLOG

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